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We are active in all six categories of IT services industry.

Application Development
Product Engineering
Product Development
Infrastructure Support
Business Process Outsourcing
IT Consulting

"In my experience, I have found United One Solutions to be highly reliable and ruthlessly honest to the task. They go to great pains to ensure very high quality and process optimization"
Anthony Watson, CIO Xingort

Business Process
       Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO affords businesses the flexibility to outsource their non-core process management responsibilities, allowing the company management to focus on core strategic competencies while reduciung the cost of managing resources. United One Solutions is poised to design and manage processes that are critical but not core to a business. Furthermore, by leveraging United One Solutions' global resources, a business can save money, derive increased business value and optimize business processes. United One Solutions provides BPO services in a wide-range of areas including IT services, human resources, finance and accounting.

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United One Solutions Contact Center Services handle inbound and outbound customer interaction activities in order to improve customer satisfaction at the least expense.

United One Solutions offers Content Processing, Management, and Consolidation of disparate enterprise data to simply business decision making. We can process and manage entrise data scattered in different encoding formats including spreadsheets, ASCII data, postgres, SQL, as well as multiple mediums such as scanned images, electronic documents, legacy data, audio or video data.

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We work with our clients to plan, design, implement, integrate and manage custom applications, packaged software and industry-specific solutions. We architect our business solutions from standard components and ensure high reliability and future-proofness by employing modularized and open designs, throughly tested and evaluated with our extensive benchmarking tools.

We have years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and deploying sophisticated software with applications in aerospace, commincation, medicine, mobile and embedded computing, business intelligence and e-government.


As leaders in IT service outsourcing, United One Solutions has the track record, global footprint and careful planning you’d expect of your service offshoring partner. We have streamlined processes to host your systems, manage your computing environments and communications network and taking over your company’s operations through a comprehensive outsourcing arrangement. United One Solutions delivers highly optimized solutions to lower costs, deliver higher-flexibility and streamline your business operations.

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