our Methodology

We specialize in leveraging global resources to deliver prompt and cost-effective solutions to businesses worldwide.

"Business with United One is nothing like offshoring, it is more like opening another development facility down the street. People at United One Solutions made sure that we are involved at every step of the way in developing solutions to integrate our enterprise data"
Elan Amar, CTO Entviope

company Overview

United One Solutions provides IT services and solutions to clients globally. With its headquarters in California, US, United One Solutions' places its strategic focus on levearging global resources to deliver cost-effective IT solutions. Our IT and strategic consulting professionals in US, UK and Asia work on a 24 hour cycle to develop, enhance and maintain solution for our clients in a broad range of industries.

At United One Solutions, we pride ourselves with our unique client-engagement strategy. Our client-engagement strategy is designed to package the economic benefit of offshore development as an extension of the local project development team. Our clients are involved with our team at each step of the way; doing business with United One Solutions is no different than adding an extra desk in your development space. Except, by leveraging global resources, United One Solutions never sleeps.

With offices in 5 major cities worldwide and R&D centers in Asia, Europe and US, United One Solutions combines the convenience of local presence with the ability to leverage global resources.

our Team
United One Solutions derives its value by attracting, training, empowering, and retaining people who share our vision of excellence.
United One Solutions was founded by people trained at top universities like MIT, CMU, UIUC, and Univ. of Cambridge, and world-class organizations such as IBM, Sun, AOL, AT&T and Accenture consulting. With this proud tradition, we continue to recognize and attract talent from the best institutions in the world.
Quick facts

We have offices in California, Washington, NJ, Boston, Cambridge (UK) and Singapore.

We work several fortune 100 companies and government departments in many countries.

We specialize in strategic consulting, business process outsourcing, and product design, implementation amd testing in a wide range of industries.

Our client-engagement strategy packages the economic benefits of outsourcing as an extension of the client team with a 24 hour working cycle.